40week Doctor Visit ….when is the baby going to come out?

Another great doctor visit …just a couple days from due date and no sign that this baby is ready to bust loose. Instead, it seems that baby is content to stay where it is.

Next week will be 41weeks and at that time Dr. Omar will induce labor. In fact, everything is already in place with the hospital etc etc. Should the baby come before then, –>that would be great, but at this point nothing is suggesting that scenario.

So, from here we’re waiting for the baby to make the break-out move on it’s own.  If that doesn’t happen before a week from today (Tuesday March3) we meet with Dr. Omar again. And Wednesday evening we’ll go to the hospital where they’ll start to induce labor for a probably Thursday March 5th birth.

So, nothing to do but wait and see what happens!

40weeks -Dr. Omar says no sign that the baby is ready to break out
40weeks -Dr. Omar says no sign that the baby is ready to break-out.
.....Back Home a 40week Tummy Picture!
.....Back Home a 40week Tummy Picture!

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