Water Balloons!!

Filling up water balloons for the Grace vs. Dad water balloon championship.
2016-09-05 15.00.20

2016-09-05 15.00.22

V I D E O:
Calm before the storm. Grace and Zoey chiling after filing up a dozen water balloons. Then two practice throws. A moment later it was an all-out war with dad!! Quite the epic battle!

Hunter Creek Falls

Gracey + Zoey + Dad went on a BIG hike today. Hunter Creek Falls. The trailhead starts on the west side of reno and then does a big ascent up into the Sierras. Trial is mostly out of the tree-line in medium tough terrain and is HOT, especially today with mostly no shade and it was hovering on triple digits. The trail mostly follows the creek and has a few crossings. Eventually you reach Hunter Creek Falls which is quite amazing and nice and a great treat. The hike is an out-n-back, -a bit over 6 miles but by the time you goof around a bit it’s likely closer to 7 to 8 miles. Final elevation is just under 6500 feet ..the trail has relatively dramatic elevation gain.
We thought we took plenty of water, but we ran out and ended up drinking creek water to stay hydrated and cool.
We knew it was going to be a tough and fun hike, but we got a lot more of both tough and fun than we expected!! It was a great day!!
Here is the breadcrumbs from our GPS:

Click image above to see larger picture
Click image above to see larger picture

V I D E O : (with some still pictures)
We were on the trail (mostly in hot sun) for about 6hours! and we took about 30minutes of video, and added some still pictures. Only retired grandparents have time to watch 30minutes of our hike, so here it is in fast-forward (X4) …you won’t be able to understand what we’re saying (we sound like mice) but you’ll get the idea.

Here is video at only 2 times normal speed:

Coming soon: Video at normal speed (for the retired folks).

Two Of A Kind

The Grace-Zoey relationship is as unique as Grace and Zoey. It ain’t right, but it’s alright. Grace was in a particularly silly mood tonight when we made these videos, and Zoey decided she wanted to hear the word “sit” three times before considering taking action.  
Nevertheless, these two somehow make it all work …and in spite of each other, are truly best friends.
V I D E O:

New bike

More details later but a reward for some great accomplishments. Specialized HotRock will be joining the Gary Fisher mtn bike in the stable.