Misc iPhone Videos

We stumbled across some random videos taken with Kathy’s iPhone. They are very honest and very funny. Amazing to see the changes. There likely are more iPhone videos floating around and we’ll get those posted as well ….and we’ll try to post these up on a more regular basis.
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2nd Birthday Party

Time for the birthday party. Just a small group: Grandma Jo came down from Oregon, and of course Grandma Rose, and Papa. Mike, Alecia and Sarah and of course Barbara. Wonderful gifts, and all very thoughtful. No doubt Barbara’s “potty” gift brought the most laughs. Thanks everyone!

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Happy Birthday Grace!!

Happy Birthday Grace, We Love You!!

Hard to believe it’s been two years -and to think of the many new things that Grace has done in the last 12months …it’s really beyond words.   The party will be on Friday, but today is Grace’s actual birthday.   


Early Birthday Fun With Uncle Brian

Brian flew up from Las Vegas to spend some time with Grace -and being a few days before Grace’s 2nd birthday, we had a little “warm-up” birthday party.   It was some good fun.

But the best part of the weekend?  No doubt the plentiful and quality time that Grace and Brian spent together.  They truly adore each other and what fun that brings!

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Silly Girl

Tonight Grace was wound up -no surprise, most nights she gets pretty crazy and gets into rough-housing with Dad.  Grace is a real bruiser and tonight for some reason wanted to do her “spittles” non stop as she kept attacking poor-ol’-dad.


Sierra Fun & Lunch w/Tyler

We’ve got a few storms over the last days and today we woke to fresh snow and sunshine.   So Grace and Dad decided to play  ..first in the front yard then few mile drive up into the Sierras.

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Then we went and had NY Deli lunch with Tyler, who was visiting from California.  Dad hadn’t seen Tyler in a loooong time, not since she was in a very bad motorcycle accident.   She is really doing great and it was fantastic to see her.   Grace and Tyler became best friends instantly.

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Nighttime Snow Fun

Grace went outside for a little late snow fun ……and all was good until she came back inside with snow on her boots and took a nice slip-n-fall on the hardwood floor. Caused a few tears but nothing serious. Also note her new watch that she insists on wearing -even though she has absolutely no concept of time or what a clock is for.

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A wonderful Self-Video

Mom got a fancy new iPhone and it records videos from the viewer side of the phone. In other words you can take self-videos and watch as you record them. …….

Grace was fascinated by being able to see herself and you can see the result.   Keep in mind that grace is watching herself live on the iPhone as she’s being recorded.  This video is priceless.

Brunch, Valentine’s Day Shopping & Fun

Grace and Dad started out the day with an early and chilly long walk.   Then we met Brian and Sameer for Brunch downtown at the El Dorado Casino.  Good fun!

Then it was off to the mall to get a new battery in mom’s watch and do some Valentine’s Day shopping.

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Elementary School Park w/Mom

We all went to the our neighborhood elementary school park were there are actually four little playgrounds, -3 of which are well suited to Grace.   It was good fun and a beautiful day.

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Grace & Dad Have A Rice Krispie Party

Mom was out with her friends for Barbara’s birthday (girls night out!) so Dad and Grace planned a Rice Krispie party.

The problem was, we got home late and everyone was tired so it got postponed until Saturday morning!!   It was some good fun and the triple-batch ought to hold us over for a while(?).

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