Fun story with this pic

Big shout-out to the Marazzo Family.  They are one of many families sharing their pasta sauce at the Italian Festival.  A family recipe that dates all the way back to Italy many generations ago..  When Grace arrived to judge their sauce, they made note of her Little Flower sweatshirt.   3 generations of Marazzo’s have gone to Little Flower, including everyone in this picture.  They treated Grace like family and are a very special Reno family.    Thanks for sharing your fun (and sauce).

VGK game in San Jose

Grace and Dad played hooky and went to San Jose for the Vegas Golden Knights game 7 playoff game against the San Jose Sharks. Quite an experience to say the least!!

Grace Channel 2 Weather

A few weeks ago KTVN Channel 2 contacted Kathy to ask if Grace would help with the local weather forecast. What an opportunity!! How exciting!! So of course the answer was yes and on Feb20 Grace went to KTVN, received a great tour of their facility and presented the weather with everyone’s favorite weatherman: Mike Alger. What a great experience!

V I D E O:

V I D E O (High Definition) ….of the whole newscast