Hot August Nights -Sunday Parade

Grace was excited to see the cars and she loves parades so this would be an exciting morning!  We can’t get over how much Grace has taken to Hot Aug Nights, but it shouldn’t be surprising, as she loves anything where there is activity, stimulation and where she can people-watch and be nosy.   Yep, she has to be in everyone else’s business.  Mostly though, she just loves the attention.

The parade is the last major event and we arrived a tad early.   We stumbled into a couple of seats on some temp bleachers so we felt best not to pass them up.   Grace sat next to a very nice young lady -and Grace took a real liking to this girl!   And vice-versa, the girl and her family were very nice to Grace.   Before you knew it, grace was holding the girls hand and had her hand resting on the girls’ very cute poodle skirt.

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So, it turns out this girl lives kinda near us, and is interested in babysitting.   Hmmmm, we’ll be in touch and we’ll soon put her through our patented babysitting interview.  🙂  She seems great, what a fun encounter.

Short VIDEO of a Nevada-Style Shopping Cart:

As we were making our way back to the car -we were walking against the parade -and a convertible that was in the parade stopped.   Two adults in the front, two kids in the back.   They had a very large stuffed animal -a pink horse.   They insisted that Grace take it.   Dad politely said “no”, but they insisted.   They gave Grace the horse, which is about 3times her size and all the parade spectators clapped and cheered when the exchange took place.   Grace seems to rule the world …and dad was a bit embarrassed.   Good fun all around.


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