Grace on her bike -Video


This is a fun and long video of Grace out on her bike. All of a sudden the concept of two wheels just “clicked” for her and the rapid pace of improvement is amazing. She’s doing great. Much more video, hope to add those and improve this one……

Disney Dinner

Our first night in town, we decided not to go into Disneyland proper but rather check out a few things. Our goal was to get rested-up for the coming days. This turned out to be “Main Street Disney” and then an Italian dinner.

Our dinner place was suggested by Grace’s SoCA friend: Lisa L.
Dining here was on our “list”, just like too many other things -and we weren’t sure it would work out. Turns out it was in the same parking lot as our hotel and we opted out of Mainstreet Disney early, that combo made it the perfect dinner destination.

Buca Di Beppo is the name of it. A very popular place and they have one table “IN” the kitchen. This unique table is quite a novelty and apparently very sought after. Well, when they saw Grace walk in, -they took us straight to the VIP table in the kitchen! We were in the mix of all ‘the behind the scenes doings’!! Quite interesting and fun! The chef even brought Grace pizza dough to play with. And Grace got temporary leniency on table-manners from Dad and Mom (as you’ll see)………

These videos of our meal IN the kitchen are fun, be sure to check them out:

Another A+ Dentist Appointment

Grace LOVES going to see her Dentist Dr. Stoker. She’s been talking about her “Dr. Appointment” all week and this morning she woke up more excited than Christmas morning.

A bonus for mom and dad: Her dentist opened an office very near our home so we don’t have to trek across town anymore. Mom was sleeping after a big night at work, so this time it was just Grace and Dad. This was Grace’s 3rd regular check-up but there was one emergency visit when some jumping on the bed frivolity turned into face into the corner of the nightstand frivolity. So her 4th trip to the dentist, and her last of age 3.

Today’s checkup started with plaque die, then a cleaning and such, then x-rays and then the last third or so was an examination with Dr. Stoker! A+, no cavities and a GREAT attitude. If you’re a dentist you should get in line to have this Grace as your patient.

Grace and her dentist: Dr. Stoker -Please click Image to see all of the pictures.

What were Grace’s first words when we got in the car?: “Dad, can we go to the dentist again tomorrow?!?!”

Be sure to click on image and see all of the pictures!

Disney Cruise

A great cruise with Nana/Papa Uncle Brian and of course mom and dad.

We spent the first night in Bishop, then 2nd night in San Pedro. Then a week on the Disney Cruise Ship with stops in Mexico. Coming home a night in Bishop CA. It was a wonderful vacation!

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To see many pictures go HERE(click)

Quail Canyon Ranch -Conservative Fundraiser

Mom is out of town on a ‘Girls Weekend” so Grace and Dad have had a robust schedule -keeping very busy.

This morning we were out early -down the road to the Quail Canyon Ranch. (near Pyramid Lake, not far from our house) This is a private cattle ranch that does a yearly fundraiser for Washoe County Conservative Candidates.

Grace can always be counted on to contribute to conservative causes, -and today she brought her dad along. There were a few candiates, but mostly people were out to enjoy a rustic breakfast and partake/witness calves being branded and castrated. Oh some music too! -even pie and ice cream!

Grace got as much attenion as anything else though, especially with her fancy shirt and very fancy cowboy boots (from the Las Vegas Rodeo) as well as her hat. It was good fun. We worked up quite an appetite and tonight will be having a big steak dinner. Thanks cows!

Some fun pictures, be sure to check them out!

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Downtown Reno

We really got some GREAT pictures today.   Good lighting and Grace was full of expression and silliness.    Dad wanted to see part of the Hack4Reno thing that was going on downtown and that was very worthwhile, but the real fun was loitering downtown with Grace as we stumbled into all sorts of good fun and took many pictures.

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Grace Rides A Horse!!

This was a very special treat: Brenda, Mom’s friend from work invited Grace out to their family ranch. So this morning mom and Grace left Dad at home and went to visit Brenda and her animals. Grace got to see many animals -including a baby horse. Grace also got to ride a very nice horse -a long ride, in fact she didn’t want to get off so it turned into very long ride! Grace at only 2.5years old is sure experiencing a lot of wonderful things.
Huge thanks to Brenda and her family for being so hospitable and kind to Grace. This was a very special day for Grace.

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