Thursday Update

What a great trip!! The last three whirlwind days in Disney have been non-stop GO-GO-GO with Mom and Dad attempting to too keep pace with Grace. Open-’til-Close in the park then late night dining afterwards -followed by up early the next morning …..and repeat, repeat.

But this morning: Crack of dawn and Grace still snoozing, in fact it was 9am before she stirred!! She’s never slept that late!!

Our plans were to leave today and make a scenic/fun trip home. But instead we’ve added on another night here, we’re going to swim, sight-see and “chill”. No doubt dining will be in the mix tonight. Tomorrow we’ll get out early and head west toward Reno.

The pics we’ve posted so far have all been cel-phone snapshots, in the days ahead we’ll post up some real pictures and condense the trip and share a few stories (we have a lot of great stories!), meanwhile we’ll continue to occasionally post up a picture or two.

We’re sentimental already! Disney provided some great magic the last days. Here is a picture from Day 1: