Collage of videos -dump of Kathy’s iPhone

These are delicious.

We did a “dump” of Kathy’s iPhone and on it were over 100 videos from the last 2 years. A collage of misc and assorted memories. Combined about an hour and twenty-three minutes! We’ve strung them all together, …..Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy!!!

V I D E O ..Feb2011 thru Aug2011 / Aprox 1hour 23minutes


Overnight Hotel Stay -Lake Tahoe

We decided to take Grace out for her first stay in a Hotel, and what better place to go than Lake Tahoe.

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It was great fun, -with an afternoon full of sight-seeing, then an evening of sillyness, including a pijama party.   The next day some fun at the lake.   Oh, and you’ll see a few trips to Starbucks for hot chocolate too.

V I D E O:


Uncle Brian came a few days before halloween and that gave Grace and Brian some good time together.

….and Grace had a wonderful Minnie Mouse Costume (Big thanks to Brenda!). All made for some good fun!

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Pumpkin Train

We took a trip to Virginia City and rode the pumpkin train. It was good fun …but you’ll see in the video Grace was a tad tired. This is the same train that Grace and Dad rode a few months back, but today they had a pumpkin theme -as well as many people on the train. Probably the most fun were the trips through the tunnel.

V I D E O:

Downtown Fun, ….and making new friends

Today was another day in downtown Reno…….

And what fun. First was breakfast at Hash House A GO-GO, then to the Hack4Reno, then to the Memorial Park. This is where the real fun of the day was -Grace came up on a pack of kids that were much bigger/older but they took good care of her and were so very nice to her. Grace is really developing her social skills and in this video you’ll see how well she goes about “playing with the big kids”


After this fun it was a coffee break, then back to Hack4Reno where Grace had fun before we eventually headed home.

…Pictures Coming Soon (please remind us if not!)

Downtown Reno

We really got some GREAT pictures today.   Good lighting and Grace was full of expression and silliness.    Dad wanted to see part of the Hack4Reno thing that was going on downtown and that was very worthwhile, but the real fun was loitering downtown with Grace as we stumbled into all sorts of good fun and took many pictures.

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BBQ and a very nice gift from Claire

Grace was part of the fun when mom and dad did a BBQ for some riders at Honey Lake. But the big surprise was when Grace saw her friend Jerry, who was delivering a beautiful present from his daughter Claire. Claire and Grace have taken a real fondness to each other. Here are pictures of Grade posing with her new dress:

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And here is a cool video that Claire’s dad took with his phone:

For more fun times with Grace and Claire go HERE

This Girl Loves To Run !!

Grace has really got speedy on her two feet and she LOVES to run. She also has a ton of energy so it’s a pretty amazing combination when she sets out. Today we went to the park and she went for nearly 1/2hour of non-stop action. A portion of it we captured on this video:

V I D E O :

Grace Rides A Horse!!

This was a very special treat: Brenda, Mom’s friend from work invited Grace out to their family ranch. So this morning mom and Grace left Dad at home and went to visit Brenda and her animals. Grace got to see many animals -including a baby horse. Grace also got to ride a very nice horse -a long ride, in fact she didn’t want to get off so it turned into very long ride! Grace at only 2.5years old is sure experiencing a lot of wonderful things.
Huge thanks to Brenda and her family for being so hospitable and kind to Grace. This was a very special day for Grace.

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Kid Day At Sparks Marina

After the NV Museum of Art, Grace went to “Kids Day” at Sparks Marina. It was crazy fun with a full assortment of people. Grace was eager to do activities that she’s not ready for ..thankfully some older kids helped her along, but mom and dad were a bit nervous as Grace attemtpted some things with much bigger kids aggressively playing all around her.

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V I D E O :

Art Class -Nevada Museum Of Art

Grace went back to art class. Many will remember she did this before her first birthday, that day was quite the adventure (here). Today was great fun as well and Grace spent some of the time with a very funny boy named Micah. He’s in many of the pictures.

Big thanks to Lisa K and the Nevada Museum Of Art ….These child events are like one big fun factory.  We took a lot of pictures, -click on image below to see them:

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V I D E O :

Grace Rides Tricycle By Herself!!

Grace was not in the best of niceness this evening, but she did set a record for riding her tryicycle! She’s been spoiled with mom/dad always eager to push her …but tonight she did very well going solo! No doubt the start of some new-found fun. Although, I’m not sure Grace was all that impressed with herself, she made the fun of riding a tricycle seem more like a chore! We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

V I D E O: