Grace turns 7!!

Grace’s birthday started with breakfast in bed, school birthday crown (thanks Mrs. Axley) birthday lunch at school with Mom and Dad and a big hug from Mrs Kattelman!. Sent from my iPhone


iPhone Dump …Misc Pictures from Kathy’s iPhone

Occassionally (not often enough) we take all the pics inside Kathy’s phone and post them here. Good+Bad and more. We stamped the date they were taken, however there could be some errors in the dates. Aprox Span is 4/2013 thru 1/2015
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And here is another album: Aprox Span is 4/2013 thru 1/2015
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This video is a wild collage of Kathy’s iPhone videos from aprox 04/2013 thru 09/2015

To Grace From Dad / Mom in Mexico

Hello Grace.

Dad and mom are having a very nice time in Mexico. We made a new friend, we call him Bingo Iguana and we follow him around. Here is a video of us following him around.

We love you and miss you!