Another A+ Dentist Appointment

Grace LOVES going to see her Dentist Dr. Stoker. She’s been talking about her “Dr. Appointment” all week and this morning she woke up more excited than Christmas morning.

A bonus for mom and dad: Her dentist opened an office very near our home so we don’t have to trek across town anymore. Mom was sleeping after a big night at work, so this time it was just Grace and Dad. This was Grace’s 3rd regular check-up but there was one emergency visit when some jumping on the bed frivolity turned into face into the corner of the nightstand frivolity. So her 4th trip to the dentist, and her last of age 3.

Today’s checkup started with plaque die, then a cleaning and such, then x-rays and then the last third or so was an examination with Dr. Stoker! A+, no cavities and a GREAT attitude. If you’re a dentist you should get in line to have this Grace as your patient.

Grace and her dentist: Dr. Stoker -Please click Image to see all of the pictures.

What were Grace’s first words when we got in the car?: “Dad, can we go to the dentist again tomorrow?!?!”

Be sure to click on image and see all of the pictures!

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