Monday Night ….Tooth, Cars and Puppy Update

First off, Grace and dad went to check out Hot August Nights ..and during buffet dinner, Grace pulled out a loose tooth!

Well, it looks like Grace will be getting a new dog!! Perhaps as soon as Thursday evening!! Very exciting and we’re all talking about the big responsibility and also all the things we need to do and learn as we prepare for a new member of the family.

The breeders sent a new video of the puppy.

As far as a name? Grace doesn’t know yet and it may be a while. A few of Grace’s name ideas: Belle and Reno.

2 Replies to “Monday Night ….Tooth, Cars and Puppy Update”

  1. Congratulations!!! That is fabulous!! I don’t know what the going rate is in Nevada, but in California, I think it’s $10 per tooth!! Sorry John and Kathy! I’m just paying it forward for all the lost teeth that have cost our tooth fairy hundreds of dollars a year!

    And love the possible names for the new addition! As soon as you meet her you will know exactly what to call her! Promise! See you soon!

  2. Congratulations on pulling another tooth. Only 15 more to go. Hope it didn’t “gross out” the waitress (or your dad) too much. And, now, I bet your new puppy will lose some teeth before your next one. And I bet she won’t let you pull any. LOL

    It will be fun to hear what you name your new family member. I like what you’ve thought of so far.

    Have fun Thursday with your mom.

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