Monday Night ….Tooth, Cars and Puppy Update

First off, Grace and dad went to check out Hot August Nights ..and during buffet dinner, Grace pulled out a loose tooth!

Well, it looks like Grace will be getting a new dog!! Perhaps as soon as Thursday evening!! Very exciting and we’re all talking about the big responsibility and also all the things we need to do and learn as we prepare for a new member of the family.

The breeders sent a new video of the puppy.

As far as a name? Grace doesn’t know yet and it may be a while. A few of Grace’s name ideas: Belle and Reno.

Grace’s 1st dog?

Is it finally time for a dog?
We’ve been waiting for Grace to be ready -and find the right dog. Perhaps both have happened.
We’ve been talking to an amateur breeder in CA who have this Goldendoodle puppy available, the light/cream colored female is the one we’re interested in.

Misc Pictures:

Kindergarten Graduation

A wonderful year of kindergarten. Mom and Dad had no idea that kindergarten can be so hard, yet sooo fun. Our family is blessed that Mrs Kattelman was engaged and mentored us all through an amazing year. We can’t give enough thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Kattelman.

We’re all so proud of Grace! And grace has plenty to be proud of!!

Here is tiny video of Grace receiving her diploma:

Here are some snapshots of graduation Day:

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Here is a video that Mrs Kattelman created, she played it during the graduation ceremony. Hard to find a dry eye in the audience.

Congratulations Grace!