Ultrasound pictures

We debated, but finally decided to do the new technology of:  3-D ultrasound images.

It is kinda of a bizarre technology as it takes and image and data from a traditional ultrasound and computer-generates 3-D images so that you can see facial definitions etc.

The window to do this is pretty narrow.  Too early and the baby is not developed enough.  To the contrary, past about 31weeks, things start getting pretty cramped in there -squished babies don’t look that good we’re told.   So, the ideal window is around 28 to 30 weeks it seems.  We figured one time chance so we did it!

It is kinda fun and we discovered when you look at other people’s results, you’re not too impressed. But when it’s YOUR baby, it is really cool.  Funny how that works.

Make up your own mind, here are a few of the pics:

The first one shows the baby in 3-d ..as does the 2nd picture, Notice the feet and toes that baby likes to suck on.  The third picture is a traditional ultrasound.

clicking on thumbnail will bring up a larger size.

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