Grace Channel 2 Weather

A few weeks ago KTVN Channel 2 contacted Kathy to ask if Grace would help with the local weather forecast. What an opportunity!! How exciting!! So of course the answer was yes and on Feb20 Grace went to KTVN, received a great tour of their facility and presented the weather with everyone’s favorite weatherman: Mike Alger. What a great experience!

V I D E O:

V I D E O (High Definition) ….of the whole newscast

2 Replies to “Grace Channel 2 Weather”

  1. Grace, you did an awesome job and I’m so proud of you. You were like a real pro, so confident and just a delight!

  2. Grace,
    What a professional job you did on this broadcast! The news team could see that too, they loved your ability to communicate so clearly and your smile lit up the room! You have made so many accomplishments since I met you four years ago! Keep up your positive “can do” spirit!

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