Fun With ~Greg London~ -Icon Man!!

There is actually a story that needs to be told here …and it goes like this:

Dad is a big fan of Greg London.  He’s seen the show about 18times. Anytime friends come to town:  Dad says  “-C’mon, we’re all going to see Greg London!!” Mom likes Greg’s show too, but not quite as much as Dad. The constant joke at the house is Mom telling Grace:  “Greg is going to get a restraining order against your dad, he goes to the show way too often.”

So today Dad and Grace were out-n-about and mom calls and says:? Greg London is at Tahoe Burger (grand opening).  …Of course Dad and Grace head straight there.

090926GregLondon (8)

No surprise: Greg was a fun, sincere and wonderful host. Greg and Grace spent some great time together. And that’s not all, Greg gave Grace 4 tickets to see his Icon Man show, and she was also given a very nice toy, -compliments of Tahoe Burger.

What a fun adventure -And when you’re in Reno, it doesn’t get any better than seeing Greg London’s show!  Of course you’ll want to fit a Tahoe Burger in your agenda as well.

There may be updates to the pictures here, as we plan to beg, buy or steal a picture or two from Joshua of Enchanted Memories Photography who was taking professional pictures at this event -and we know he got some good ones of Grace and Greg!

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