Time For A Fashion Show!!

Grace has been given sooo many wonderful clothes. But a few really stand out and they include:

-A handmade sweater and matching hat, made especially for Grace -and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Thank You so much Doris, you are really something with those knitting needles.

Here is the new "Mayor Of Munchkinland"!!!
Here is the new "Mayor Of Munchkinland"!!!

-And, a very special Tu-Tu dress -This was a special order and a very fun gift by Daphne:

.....and the mayor looks good in a Tu-Tu as well!!
.....and the mayor looks good in a Tu-Tu as well!!

..and a little video of the Tu-Tu Mayor in action:

**Many More Pics of the Fashion Show HERE(CLICKY)

3 Replies to “Time For A Fashion Show!!”

  1. What a beauty queen! She needs to be in pictures! Her sunflower dress is my favorite. You need to make her a small runway….haha

  2. These pictures are unbelievably cute!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing them. Grace’s little pink feeties match her pink tu-tu perfectly.

  3. OMG – where did this outfit come from? BEYOND YUMMY!!!!! I love Gracie!!! Her parents are ok too!

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