A big week!!

This has been a big week. First, we took some maternity pictures that we hope to be able to post here in a week or two.  Professionally done by a local lady here in Reno.  She’s also likely going to be the one to do our baby pictures.

Then shortly after: Another A+ appointment with Dr. Omar. Things continue to track well and she says she doesn’t see any indications that this baby might be coming early.  Of course, no one knows for sure when things will happen.  Coming up on 37weeks!

And to top off the week. We met with our potential pediatrician for an interview.  The interview went both ways! End result is that he likes us and we really like him.  He also comes highly recommended by the Pediatric staff at the hospital -so that is a good sign. OH, and his name is Dr. Daniel Columbo.

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