Quail Canyon Ranch -Conservative Fundraiser

Mom is out of town on a ‘Girls Weekend” so Grace and Dad have had a robust schedule -keeping very busy.

This morning we were out early -down the road to the Quail Canyon Ranch. (near Pyramid Lake, not far from our house) This is a private cattle ranch that does a yearly fundraiser for Washoe County Conservative Candidates.

Grace can always be counted on to contribute to conservative causes, -and today she brought her dad along. There were a few candiates, but mostly people were out to enjoy a rustic breakfast and partake/witness calves being branded and castrated. Oh some music too! -even pie and ice cream!

Grace got as much attenion as anything else though, especially with her fancy shirt and very fancy cowboy boots (from the Las Vegas Rodeo) as well as her hat. It was good fun. We worked up quite an appetite and tonight will be having a big steak dinner. Thanks cows!

Some fun pictures, be sure to check them out!

Please Click Image For More Pictures

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