Casual Saturday w/Dad -Wilbur D. May Center

Grace is still not feeling 100%, but she’s feeling too good to just sit around the house -especially when mom is trying to sleep 🙂

So Dad and Grace headed out with the primary goal to do some kite flying.   But first a late-morning stop at In-N-Out Burger.  But, even here, where Grace typically eats a bunch …she was rather shy toward food -as she has been all week.  We need to get this girl power-eating again!

We then went to San Rafael Park where others were there to fly kites …..Uhhh, but there wasn’t much of a breeze, so instead of getting frustrated with a kite, we decided to go to the Wilbur D. May Center and look around.   It is a very cool place and a temporary dinosaur exhibit was there.

But more fun was the actual Wilbur D. May stuff.   If you’re not familiar with Wilbur D. May, he was quite an amazing guy and did some nice stuff for northern Nevada and the USA.

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