Doctor Visit 9Month Check-Up

Well, yet another stellar check-up.  We know that Grace is no heavyweight, and we were very shocked to see that she is only 17lbs!? Up only a few lbs since her 6month check-up.  **BUT** she has jumped up to the 20-25% for weight!  That is great.  She’s well above that for her height and the size of her head.  The latter measurement she’s always over-achieved 🙂 .

Grace got a bit of blood drawn from her foot to check for iron level. They can check on-the-spot and her level was perfect –and she didn’t much mind the needle prick.

And, as always her love for Dr. Columbo continues. She certainly has a crush on him and he is great with her. As always they engaged in all kinda of fun interaction.

While we’ve debated and changed our mind a million times, we did give Grace the H1N1 vaccine today. She’ll go back in a month for the 2nd and final round.

And, Kathy brought a huge batch of cookies and a nice Christmas card for Dr. Columbo and his staff, that was really nice and it is no wonder why Grace is his favorite patient!

Grace and her boyfriend:  Dr. Columbo
Grace and her boyfriend: Dr. Columbo

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