First Night In Her Own Room

Last night grace had a major milestone. No more sleeping in the little crib in mom and dad’s room. Instead, now in the big crib in her own room.

The first night went very well, Grace slept great, in fact slept through the night and well into the next morning! Here she is when mom came to welcome her to a new day! (video below)

3 Replies to “First Night In Her Own Room”

  1. We are so proud of Grace on her first night in her new, big bed in her own room!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the video of her waking up so happy!

  2. Congrats Gracie!! You are such a big girl sleeping in your big bed. I bet you are saying, now I can get some sleep up in here! See you soon, Uncle Bri

  3. What a big girl you are! Even when you wake up you are beautiful. Before you know it, you’ll fill up that crib. Please don’t grow too fast.

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