More good fun with Grace (+ more pictures)

Well the last few days have been fun and interesting.
For Starters: Grace seems to be getting better at sleeping during the night.  Uhhh, well, …..kind of. It seems every-other-night she sleeps.  And Uhhh,  -every-other-night she doesn’t. But overall there is no doubt that she’s getting a bit better at sleeping during the night.  -Certainly better than the first few days -But still lots of room for improvement. During the day she sleeps and sleeps and sleeps -nothing has changed there!

We’ve taken some pictures and videos and still trying to figure out the best way to share them all -without getting too crazy with them here on the blog -so we’ve created some mini pages -and we’ll see if this idea works.  Below are few examples:

Here(Clicky) is a video taken with Grandparents Ray/Rose and their friends from NY +Kris.  It is pretty funny. And a day or so later they were back(Clicky).

We’ve been staying busy with activity during the day …even though Grace sleeps through pretty much all of it! We all took walk in the neighborhood and end up at the nice park just down the street. Mom caught some video and pictures of dad and Grace on the swing!  It all can be seen Here(Clicky).

Today we learned it takes us a long time to get out of the house when we want to go somewhere! Today’s destination was the Sparks Marina where we got a GREAT walk in. Good for all of us -and an absolutely beautiful day here in Reno.  Certainly the best of the year so far. It can all be seen Here(Clicky)

Back home we had a nice dinner and then Ruth and Cindy stopped by with fun and nice presents for Grace –Here(Clicky).

Eventually time for everyone to go to sleep -but again Grace didn’t think that was a good idea …Here(Clicky) you’ll find pics of the bright-eyed grace as she soaks in the night-time fun!

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