Baby Grace Comes Home!!

Well after 4days worth of hospital, mom and dad were ready to come home!  Grace was too. The long stay was due to the long birth.  But also the doctors were very overcautious on a few things.  We all sure got the VIP treatment at Renown Medical Center -and that was nice. Everyone there loves Kathy, and that love got instantly passed down to Grace in the form of very special attention.

We got home mid-afternoon on Monday (9March) and it is SOOO very nice to be home.  Grace is doing great but has a very strong self-imposed schedule!  -Unfortunately this schedule is:  Sleep all day and be a princess …and all night it is a different story -when the sun goes down, it seems nothing makes her happy. We cannot keep her awake during the day (yes even poking with sharp sticks doesn’t work), and nothing makes her comfortable/sleepy at night.

Hence, mom and dad are very tired. We’re now attempting to take shifts -so that we can each catch a few winks here-and-there. Also, if you are friend and/or family and want to come over and see Grace -Yep, you’re more than welcome and Grace is taking reservations -Starting at sundown and going all night until sunrise  -Pick your time and you are more than welcome to come over! 🙂

Sorry for the delay in the update, we’ve been busy and exhausted here.  We’ve got a lot of pictures and video that we’ll eventually get posted. Now that we’re home we know things will eventually get kind of normal.  (perhaps?)

BIG thanks for all the wonderful calls, emails, gifts, flowers, and the very fun/nice nice notes here on the blog. Grace is so very blessed to have such wonderful attention and we are all thankful to have all of you in Grace’s life.


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  1. Welcome home, Miss Grace! You keep that papa of yours in line, m’k? Congrats to the proud parents.

  2. Gracie! Welcome to the wonderful world of living. I happen to know your pops does a pretty fine job of living fully and can tell your mamma does too!

    In the meantime, remember your primary job is to suck on a tittie, burp a bit, then poop, poop poop. Oh, and please remember to sleep all day and stay awake all night, fussing around and what not.

    You see, your Daddy likes to think he’s a long distance rider or something like that, although lately he’s been reinstated into the Candy Butt Association due to the fact he can’t stay up all night like he used to.

    So, you see, you’re fussing all night is good ‘training’ for dear old dad – please keep the good work coming, and be sure to tell Mom and Dad you’ld like a little brother or sister to play with ASAP!

    Congrats –


  3. When God was looking for a place
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