“Re-Schedule” …uhhh, the wait continues

Well, today is the day that the induction was to start.

But after consultation with the doctor -and? factoring in many things including Kathy’s case of the common cold, the baby still not showing any signs that it is eager to come into the real world etc ……

We are now re-scheduled for Sunday (March8).   Like many of you, who thought this would be happening this evening, we are too a tad disappointed.  But we very much believe this choice is for the best. And who knows, perhaps the baby will make a move on it’s own in the next day(s?)

So, unless the baby makes it’s own schedule, the current plan is for us to check into the hospital on Sunday, with the induced birth and labor most likely on Monday. This will be 11 days past the original ‘due-date’ -but many are now questioning if the original date was maybe off by a bit(?)

stop-watch-clipart16The watch continues to tick, but mom and baby are both still doing great and nothing to do but enjoy life and wait!

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