Baby-care class

Well tonight was our baby-care class. This is where we’d learn all the important things that we’d need to know when we bring our new baby home with us.

There was a long sign up list for this class, we did that many months ago and had to prepay as well.

Kathy had just finished 3 tough nights of work, then went in to the office for a meeting this afternoon. John had a long day at work and this was our first ‘qualityl’ time together for many days. We drove to class together -and we started catching up on the week and trading stories.

…then about 3 blocks from where the class was being held, we drove by a new restaurant -A rib joint called “Texas Roadhouse”. It got our attention as we were both hungry.

Well, like a couple of juvenile delinquents, –we decided to cut class and go have dinner!!

Somehow we’ll have to figure out how to care for this new person who will coming into our lives soon. …..and we may never know what we didn’t learn.

What we do know: Dinner was really good!!!

We cut class and went to dinner here.   Shame on us!
We cut class and went to dinner here. Shame on us!

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