Reno Hot Air Balloons

Weekend of the Reno Air Balloons and mom had a crazy idea:   Why don’t we all get up real early and go to Nana & Papa’s house to watch the balloons!   Well we managed to do exactly that, mom and dad up before 5am (yes on a Saturday) and Grace up shortly after.   Before 6am we were at Nana and Papa’s and it was still dark!!  From their back yard we watched it slowly become light as the balloons lifted off.    Often times the balloons come right toward/over the house, so close it’s as if you can touch them, but this year the winds would take the balloons the other direction.  Grace had plenty of room to play and run around and even an episode of playing “Dr/Patient” was caught on video.  After the balloons we went home and then a trip to the grocery store via the stroller.

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