The Streak Is Over, Grace Finally Gets An Ear Infection

Grace has had a cough and other head-cold symtpoms the last weeks or so ….
But last night she was uncomfortable and could not sleep.

So, today mom and Grace went to see Dr. Columbo.  

Well, Grace’s 26month lifetime-streak of no antibiotics or any infection to warrant them is over. Most kids by this age have had many ear infections and/or other things …but not Grace, she’s been very healthy, especially compared to most other kids.

Today it was discovered that Grace has minor ear infection in both ears. So for the first time ever, she’s on antibiotics, a dose of once a day for the next 5days. Dr. Columbo was sad about this more than anyone.  –As he said Grace was a record –a record that he was sad to see come to an end.

BTW: Grace was a princess for Dr. Columbo and was so polite and well behaved, –she really turns it on for her boyfriend -even when not feeling 100%.

So, Dad is out of town for work (but wishes he was home) and Mom and Grace are taking it easy -and will continue to do so for the next days. That doesn’t mean that they might not be out-no-about for some good Mexican food or other fun.

Mom took a few pictures with her phone at the doctor  -thumbnails below, click to see larger image.

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