Growing Up Too Fast & New Blog Functionality

Grace is growing up too fast. Recently we took a picture of Grace at Legends.   Later, here on the blog, I came across an old picture which was taken at the same setting.  This picture was taken approx 15months earlier.   It is absolutely amazing the difference –>and it has seemingly happened at the blink of an eye.

It prompted us to go look at older posts/pictures and we became a bit nostalgic as we surfed through the blog and viewed many of the old posts.

So, we have added a new functionality to the blog, you will see it to the right, (under the calendar).  It is a random post generator and every time the blog is loaded in your browser:  The title to three random posts (any posts prior to the last 6months) will appear.  You can click on any of these to bring up the full post.  It is quite fun

……and amazing how fast this little girl is growing up.

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