New Header Image For The Blog Is In The Works!

A few months ago we spiffed up the blog’s theme as it was pretty dated both in looks and function ….and Dad attempted a header image that was mediocre at best.  So, a couple of weeks ago, dad decided to get some help with a new header image for the blog.

Via Grace’s art instructor at the Reno Museum Of Art, -we were referred to a young lady in Reno who is a graphic art student.    We asked her to come up with a new header for Grace’s blog …but we weren’t exactly fair –uhhh, as we didn’t really give her much input!

Nevertheless, she was a great sport and threw three ideas by us:

Click Image To See Full Size
Click Image To See Full Size
Click Image To See Full Size

Wow, what fun and what a hard choices.    After some thought we’ve chosen one of these themes and Kim will move forward along that particular theme for a new header image.

Nope, we’re not going to tell you which one we picked, but sometime soon you’ll find out and we’ll also tell you more about Kim –in case you need any design work done!

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