Great Family Weekend …Tahoe

Great weekend mini-vacation road-trip in our local area. Saturday morning up to Lake Tahoe with lots of fun. Then some exploring including Kirkwood meadows. Then dropped down into Minden where we stayed at CVI and Grace did lots of swimming Saturday night and Sunday morning. Then more good food and a detour through Virginia City. Back home Sunday evening, a great weekend. Pictures Below, Video Coming Soon
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Video of various things, the 2nd half is primarily many short random snippets.
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Fun Skate Party!

Great fun with “the twins” 8th birthday skate party followed with some loitering downtown Reno with Zoey.
Big thanks to “Trevor’s mom” for dissin’ her own child to share fun with Grace šŸ™‚

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Patriotic Performance

Van Gorder 2nd Grade did a fantastic job with this performance. Brilliant job by all.

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Amazing Twerelie

Grace was home from school today because it was a snow day. She spent much of the day having to entertain herself. Here is one of her projects. She took some of her Monster High dolls and created a story and took pictures ..which we then turned into a video. Grace calls this episode “Twerelie”.
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Merry Christmas -Beautiful Video

When Kaylee Rogers, 10, first came to her small school in Northern Ireland, the little girl with autism and ADHD was very quiet around other students and rarely spoke up in class.

Four years later, a love of music has transformed Kaylee into a confident singer now sharing her amazing voice with the world. Her show-stopping version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at this year’s holiday choir performance at Killard House Special School in Donaghadee has drawn raves from around the world.

“She was a very reserved, non-communicative, anxious child when she first came to us at 6 years old, but we noticed she always enjoyed singing in the class,” Killard House principal Colin Millar told TODAY. “Our music teacher put her in major roles in the school plays, and it took off from there.

“When she sings, she just opens up into the beautiful young girl she is and shows the talent she has. It’s her way of dealing with the anxiety and really just settles her down to allow her to access her learning abilities.”

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