Another Bath; Late-Night Aerobics and Misc Stuff

Grace continues to change everyday ….yet so many characteristics remain the same, -some becoming even more defined. She’s still very active at night and we hope to get her off of that schedule. She pretty much goes into hibernation during the day. We’ve kept her on the new baby formula that is supposed to help her be a little less ‘gassy’ and perhaps that is helping.

Just a few videos and pics over the last few days:

Here is a video of Grace doing bath#2 …you can see she’s getting a bit better 🙂 …and you’ll see she has already learned how to make a natural jacuzzi!

Grace Bein' Kewl in her fun outfit
Grace bein' Kewl in her fun outfit

And here a video:? Grace does what she does best ….active and full of spunk (and fussiness) late at night. This is her time -when everyone else is trying to sleep.

A few more pictures of the last days HERE(CLICKY)

First Bath!!!

Well, only 2.5 weeks after coming home from the hospital, Grace would FINALLY get her first bath.  A good time with Grandma Jo visiting!

Grace and mommy preparing for the first bath...
Grace and mommy preparing for the first bath...

Video of the a portion of the bath

Many More Pictures of the Bath and time with Grandma Jo can be seenHERE (CLICKY)

No bellybutton, Friends visit and a night home with just Dad

Well this morning it finally happened:? The bellybutton stub fell off. We knew it was getting close. Grace didn’t seem to care much one way or the other, but mom and dad are glad that the crusty nuisance is gone.

Later Kris and Barbara came by to take Kathryn to dinner. A nice break for mom. Pictures can be seen HERE(CLICKY)

Meanwhile Dad and Grace had a wonderful evening of stories, naps, eating and a good mix of silliness too.

Doctor’s appointment; Outing to the park… Hangin’ with Dad

Grace had another doctor’s appointment (March18) and scored another A+ grade. She gained 9oz or a bit over 1oz per day which is very good!  We’re all very impressed and proud, and the next doctor’s appointment is a full month away.

Then Grace had her first luncheon outing -with mom and dad at Claim Jumper’s restaurant.

Grace slept most of the time during her first luncheon.
Grace slept most of the time during her first luncheon.

Today (March20) Grace and mom took their fist solo outing (without dad), they went to the clinic to get blood drawn for the follow-up PKU test. This is the last poke until immunization shots which start in a month or two. Then they picked up Grandparents Rose and Ray and went to the park for a bit.

Pictures of the last days can be seen HERE(Clicky)

St. Patrick’s Day!!

First St. Patrick’s Day (10days old) was a quiet one home with Mom and Dad.

A great Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner for mom and dad and a nice evening. First time ever that Mom was home on her favorite holiday of all time.

St. Patrick's Day Festivities
St. Patrick's Day Festivities

More Pictures of St. Patrick’s Day can be seen HERE(Clicky)

Birthday -1week old and a nice weekend

Hard to believe, already one week old!! Things really do fly by.

Grace continues to do great, loving to sleep during the days and much more active at night.

In preparation for the birthday, Dad brought home a GIGANTIC chocolate cake.  This cake weighted twice as much as Grace. The cake came a few days ahead of the actual birthday and by the time the birthday rolled around, much of the cake was missing!!

Grace's first birthday cake; 1week old! ...uhh, and already some cake missing
Grace's first birthday cake; 1week old! ...uhh, and already some cake missing

Sunday was a nice day with visitors including Mom’s friend Barbara. Barbara saw Grace the day she was born but not hands-on. Here they finally get to meet face-to-face. Dad hopes this is the beginning of a long friendship, Barbara is the best!

Barbara and Grace
Barbara and Grace

And later we got some good pictures of Grace doing what she does best:? Being silly without even trying and keeping her parents full of pride and laughter

Sometimes Grace acts like an old man
Sometimes Grace acts like an old man

More Pictures of this weekend can be found here(CLICKY)

More good fun with Grace (+ more pictures)

Well the last few days have been fun and interesting.
For Starters: Grace seems to be getting better at sleeping during the night.  Uhhh, well, …..kind of. It seems every-other-night she sleeps.  And Uhhh,  -every-other-night she doesn’t. But overall there is no doubt that she’s getting a bit better at sleeping during the night.  -Certainly better than the first few days -But still lots of room for improvement. During the day she sleeps and sleeps and sleeps -nothing has changed there!

We’ve taken some pictures and videos and still trying to figure out the best way to share them all -without getting too crazy with them here on the blog -so we’ve created some mini pages -and we’ll see if this idea works.  Below are few examples:

Here(Clicky) is a video taken with Grandparents Ray/Rose and their friends from NY +Kris.  It is pretty funny. And a day or so later they were back(Clicky).

We’ve been staying busy with activity during the day …even though Grace sleeps through pretty much all of it! We all took walk in the neighborhood and end up at the nice park just down the street. Mom caught some video and pictures of dad and Grace on the swing!  It all can be seen Here(Clicky).

Today we learned it takes us a long time to get out of the house when we want to go somewhere! Today’s destination was the Sparks Marina where we got a GREAT walk in. Good for all of us -and an absolutely beautiful day here in Reno.  Certainly the best of the year so far. It can all be seen Here(Clicky)

Back home we had a nice dinner and then Ruth and Cindy stopped by with fun and nice presents for Grace –Here(Clicky).

Eventually time for everyone to go to sleep -but again Grace didn’t think that was a good idea …Here(Clicky) you’ll find pics of the bright-eyed grace as she soaks in the night-time fun!

Grace’s First Doctor’s Appointment and our first ‘family outing’!

Hard to believe that already time for Grace’s first doctor appointment. This would also be our first outing since home from the hospital two days earlier.

We feel fortunate to have a great pediatrician:  Dr. Columbo.  He comes very highly recommended and is very nice …we call him “Mr. Rogers” because he reminds us of Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood.  Of course we don’t call him this to his face 🙂

Grace got an A+ on her visit!!! Everything checks out great.  She’s lost the usual few ounces of weight since birth, -and all is on track. Our next appointment is next week, and then she doesn’t have to go back for a month.

Before Leaving for the Doctor ....Dad and Grace
Before Leaving for the Doctor ....Dad and Grace
This is funny!  A few minutes before the appoinment, Mom starts some paperwork but soon Grace and Mom nod off for a moment.   Grace's first few days here on planet earth make everyone a bit tired!!
This is funny! A few minutes before the appointment, Mom starts some paperwork but soon both Grace and Mom fall off into an unscheduled nap in the waiting room chairs. Grace's first few days here on planet earth make everyone a bit tired!!
In the check-up room:  Dad and Grace wait a few minutes for the doctor
In the check-up room: Dad and Grace wait a few minutes for the doctor
Dr. Columbo gives Grace a thorogh and nice check-up ....And an A+ grade!
Dr. Columbo gives Grace a thorough and nice check-up ....And an A+ grade!

Baby Grace Comes Home!!

Well after 4days worth of hospital, mom and dad were ready to come home!  Grace was too. The long stay was due to the long birth.  But also the doctors were very overcautious on a few things.  We all sure got the VIP treatment at Renown Medical Center -and that was nice. Everyone there loves Kathy, and that love got instantly passed down to Grace in the form of very special attention.

We got home mid-afternoon on Monday (9March) and it is SOOO very nice to be home.  Grace is doing great but has a very strong self-imposed schedule!  -Unfortunately this schedule is:  Sleep all day and be a princess …and all night it is a different story -when the sun goes down, it seems nothing makes her happy. We cannot keep her awake during the day (yes even poking with sharp sticks doesn’t work), and nothing makes her comfortable/sleepy at night.

Hence, mom and dad are very tired. We’re now attempting to take shifts -so that we can each catch a few winks here-and-there. Also, if you are friend and/or family and want to come over and see Grace -Yep, you’re more than welcome and Grace is taking reservations -Starting at sundown and going all night until sunrise  -Pick your time and you are more than welcome to come over! 🙂

Sorry for the delay in the update, we’ve been busy and exhausted here.  We’ve got a lot of pictures and video that we’ll eventually get posted. Now that we’re home we know things will eventually get kind of normal.  (perhaps?)

BIG thanks for all the wonderful calls, emails, gifts, flowers, and the very fun/nice nice notes here on the blog. Grace is so very blessed to have such wonderful attention and we are all thankful to have all of you in Grace’s life.

Grace Moore Austin -comes into the world!

What a day -actually what an adventure the last few days have been!

We?ll update this post and the birth section soon, -with many pictures, videos and great stories. But meanwhile please know that mom and baby are both doing fantastic.

Grace Austin is really something and we have no doubt she?ll shine as Nevada?s latest adventure girl. 35hours worth of labor, umbilical cord wrapped around her neck 3times (of course we didn?t know until she was out!)

Grace came into this world with a strong and fun spirit and mom and dad could not be more proud. Grace and her mom really shined bright the last few days.

We?re exhausted, baby is sleeping and the pics and stories will have to wait to be shared

But THANK YOU to everyone for all of your wonderful thoughts and prayers. We certainly put them all to use in the last days and there is no doubt they really made the difference. Kathyrn and I are thrilled beyond belief. We are so truly blessed.

Please check back soon, as we’ll be posting many pictures, stories, videos and details.

Meanwhile, a few pics:

The first few seconds of Grace Austin, what an adventure girl!
The first few seconds of Grace Austin, what an adventure girl!
Grace relaxing -after a couple of big days
Grace relaxing ........

EDIT:? We’ve linked pictures and will continue to do updates on the “Graces Birth” page (link to your right under ‘Pages’ ..or click here