Snow!! Yeah Snow!!

We got our first major storm of the winter. VERY cold and a decent amount of snow. It was Grace’s first time playing and she did great! We dressed her up in her fancy snow suit and went to our neighborhood park.

Dressed up and ready to venture out into the cold!
Dressed up and ready to venture out into the cold!


Thanksgiving was very simple. We cooked a nice fresh Turkey compliments of Grandma Rose -and Brian came up to visit for a few days.

Grace helping in the kitchen .......
Grace helping in the kitchen …….

Dance Party!

Grace and Dad decided to have a little dance party.

Lately we’ve noticed Grace will sometimes put on some special “moves” when she hears music ….so we put her in front of the stereo and? I played various music in hopes that she’d put on? a show. ? Kinda funny.



It was a low-key halloween …first event for Grace was a lunch date with Mom and Dad …then later we put on a couple of other costumes. ? Some nice tricker-treaters came to the house and Grace was a great host.

Grace during lunch date with mom and dad
Grace during lunch date with mom and dad

Apple Hill

Trip To Apple Hill (back roads between Camino and Pollock Pines CA) …so a ride through the Sierras ….Grace got car-sick and never really got into a full-swing of the day -But a fantastic day nonetheless!


Grace’s Room “Thanks Karin”

Big THANKS to Karin who -one of her gifts to Grace was using her time and HUGE talent to make Grace’s Room Beautiful.  Karin did the very fancy window treatment, designed and built the pillows, re-upholstered the chair and automan, made the crib skirt …and the list goes on and on.

Karin, you are so generous and so talented, we can’t thank you enough. Grace’s room is the nicest room in the house and it is where everyone wants to spend their time.


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