Grace Gets A Wagon For Her Birthday

Graces Birthday Is Today ….and while we’re not having the “party’ until next weekend, we decided to give Grace her big present

Dad wanted to get Grace a wagon, every kid needs a red wagon.  But we couldn’t find any we liked, they all seem so ‘cheap’ and most are plastic. Then mom stumbled across an industrial type (Lawn & Garden) type cart at Costco …and with some red paint, we gave Grace a very macho red wagon

Grace in her new red Wagon. Click image for more pics

Pre-Walking Fun!

These are four video clips, the last two (shopping cart) ones were taken 2 weeks after the first two clips -so you can see how fast Grace improved.
First two were July05 2010; The shopping cart July20 2010


!!!-Grace Can Crawl-!!

Very Exciting …after lots of trying, scooting and ‘kinda crawling’ -Grace is now certified as a real crawling machine! Take a look …and we plan to keep the videos coming!

Broad Palette & Serious Demeanor

In spite of yet more teeth continuing to come in, Grace’s appetite and palette keep growing. Grace will often eat considerable amounts during a sitting, and in the last weeks has really broadened her palette. Some new favorites:

+Beef, as in ground beef and small chunks of assorted steak and such. +Chicken in small chunks of chicken breast.  +Scrambled Eggs, Grace loves these  +Avocado, yep, Graces Loves Avocado. And  cheese continues to be a big favorite, as well as crackers, peas, corn and yogurt.

While still no shortage of silliness, Grace is often very serious.  She also is  very nosy and has to know what everyone is doing …irregardless of if she knows the person and irregardless of where we are.

Below:  Grace serious about her fruit, cheese and crackers ….the fruit is the least favorite

Grace eating and being a bit serious, two of her favorite things lately. Click image to see larger size.

The Beautiful Sweater That Doris Made

Grace received a beautiful hand-made sweater and hat -Doris made these for Grace and they are beautiful.

We took a few pictures and we’re all sure that there will be plenty of good fun with this sweater forthcoming!

Thank you so very much Doris!!

Grace Wearing The Beautiful Sweater That Doris Made For Her