Kindergarten Graduation

A wonderful year of kindergarten. Mom and Dad had no idea that kindergarten can be so hard, yet sooo fun. Our family is blessed that Mrs Kattelman was engaged and mentored us all through an amazing year. We can’t give enough thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Kattelman.

We’re all so proud of Grace! And grace has plenty to be proud of!!

Here is tiny video of Grace receiving her diploma:

Here are some snapshots of graduation Day:

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Here is a video that Mrs Kattelman created, she played it during the graduation ceremony. Hard to find a dry eye in the audience.

Congratulations Grace!

Fantastic Dentist Appointment!

Best dentist appointment yet!!   Teeth look great -including the new ones coming in!   6-year molars are also coming in, and the Dentist wants to seal them on an upcoming visit to help prevent decay.
 Many permanent teeth are visible in the x-ray and all look to be in very decent position, better than mom and dad had speculated from the first two lower teeth that have made themselves visible.   Dentist said even those two new teeth look good and will straighten out.   And, the two big front teeth are positioned to come in and fill that current gap between the top two front baby teeth.

** And, 94% score on brushing.   While room for improvement, this is the best score yet!!!  Yeah, let’s keep tracking forward!!

Not much classroom time remaining if we go back to school …so Grace and dad will play hooky to celebrate this great appointment!!  Shhhhh, don’t tell Mrs. Kattelman!!

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Easter 2015

What an interesting Easter.
Started out after a day of Grace and mom returing from a week in Las Vegas!
– Then coloring easter eggs,
– Easter Morning discovered Easter Bunny had brought all kinds of goodies!
– Spontaneous family road trip to Oakland CA …included snow over the Sierras!
– Great Hotel on Jack London square -then some exploring
– Stumbled on a bowling alley where we treated ourselves to Easter Dinner! Yep, really, Easter dinner at a bowling alley in Oakland! We know how to roll.
– Next day took ferry (first time for Grace) into San Francisco.
– Walked dozens of miles, Wharf, Chinatown, North Beach, Financial District ……
* Cable cars, gourmet italian lunch (Grace amazed them with her appetite for spaghetti and meatballs!), and lots of urban exploring.
– Ferry back to Oakland
** Of course went out for some of the best “Que” in the west. Grace again amazed the folks at the BBQ joint. Man was it good!!!
– Next day was spent at the Oakland Zoo. Fantastic zoo, perfect size and very well done. WE HAD THE WHOLE PLACE TO OURSELVES!! It was awesome.
– Back to Jack London square for our final night ….explored, dinner and of course more ice cream.

Drove back home today (Wednesday …nice trip. Actually a great trip. Oakland, we’ll be BACK!

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Science Project –Kindergarten

This week was the letter “X”. So an X-xplosion seemed like a great idea to Grace’s superstar teacher Mrs. Kattelman.

Ever mix Mentos (ya, the candy) and Soda?? If not you’ve been missing out on some fun. Here Grace running for cover to a parent-helper after dropping the Mentos in the grape soda.


Christmas Fun

Summit was having their yearly Christmas Tree Lighting Festivities.
Grace has friends in the right places and was escorted directly to Santa before the event by her friend Officer John  -Yes, in his police car!

Officer John picked Grace up in his Police Car, and they made their way to Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
John is on Santa’s good list and Santa introduced Grace to both Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause. GREAT fun!!!

Then, Grace met her friend from School: Cooper! Yeah, how fun they could share this fun together!

Then, Santa invited Grace to ride on his sleigh ..a ride to the Christmas Tree lighting!! What fun!!!

It was a great chilly night and an experience that won’t be forgotten.

PS: Grace broke a family tradition by being allowed to ride in the FRONT seat of a police car! We’re very proud of her!

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Collage of videos -dump of Kathy’s iPhone

These are delicious.

We did a “dump” of Kathy’s iPhone and on it were over 100 videos from the last 2 years. A collage of misc and assorted memories. Combined about an hour and twenty-three minutes! We’ve strung them all together, …..Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy!!!

V I D E O ..Feb2011 thru Aug2011 / Aprox 1hour 23minutes