Aces Game, Dinner and Smokey Air

Kathy is in San Francisco. Grace and Dad headed out to the Baseball came courtesy of Renown. Had dinner at one of our favorites: Hash House A Go-Go. HUGE burgers!

The air in Reno is very bad because of a forest fire near Yosemite. It’s so thick it burns your nose/throat and makes your eyes water. So dark streetlights and automobile headlights come out automatically mid-day.

Here are a few snapshots of our evening …including the smokey reno sky-line.

Click Image To View Our Snapshots Of The Evening

A Little Rain

One of the fun things about living in Reno is that you never know if a little rain/thunder storm might roll in. Today a 5% chance of rain (said the weatherman). While at Grace’s gymnastic lesson, the sky opened up and the water starting falling. It was LOUD in the gym. The rain was heavy all the way home. …Took video of the last bit of the commute down our neighborhood street. Not the heaviest rain of the commute but a safe place to take video. Kinda fun, grace wanted to play in it. Some good lightening too. Note: It was still daytime, but the clouds were so heavy it made it seem like night time. …and the rain kept up for hours!
V I D E O:

No swimming tonight

Grace is not thrilled, but no swimming tonight.  
School tomorrow and lot of smoke in the air from the CA fires.  
And, it’s been a  
Final agenda tonight:  Some reading, one show and lights out!

Attacking El Dorado buffet

Started the day swimming with mom and dad.  
Then fancy bath and pampering with lotions and such.  
Then a snack.  
Then a HUGE nap.  
Then running/playing.  
Then Discovery Museum.  
Then mass at the downtown cathedral.  
Now feeding the appetite that I worked up.

So, what is next?