Grace & Rylie Do Reno!


Grace & Rylie spent a fun and active day. The events went like this:
* Late breakfast at Hash House A-Go-Go
* Climbing and fun at Whitney Peak
* Fun and show at the Planetarium at UNR
* Zoey play and fun at San Rafael Park
* Dinner at Famous Dave’s
* Fancy Dessert at Cheesecake Factory.
* Last stop: Made sure the sign that Grace and Rylie put up is still there.

A great day …too many pictures can be found by clicking here:

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Law Enforcement Encounter

Beautiful day for a bike ride and a dog walk.  So Grace headed out on her bike and dad and Zoey on foot.
 …Destination. Raley’s deli for lunch.

When we walked out with our food …near the entrance where bicycle and Zoey were parked …there was a police car and an officer inside it giving us the steady but polite observation. He than exited the car and approached.  

He said someone had called police HQ that a young girl wearing purple on a purple bike was riding like the wind without parental supervision.

  No doubt that concerned citizen saw Grace when she was taking advantage of the Vista Blvd downhill and got maybe 100 yards ahead of dad and Zoey.  

The officer was nice and made Grace’s first LEO experience a positive one.

Likely won’t happen again on the way home …..uhhh because home is uphill!

THANKS SPARKS PD for the concern and great attitude.

Turkey-Day Outing

Great afternoon of fun and food. Thanksgiving means mom works so Dad and Grace are left to our own devices. This morning we were lazy around the house, and then headed to the hills with Zoey. Up Galena Creek Trail on Mt. Rose was good fun and 23degrees with mild snow flurries made for added fun on our great hike/adventure. Yes we kinda got lost for a few minutes! Zoey is the best, she didn’t even now we were lost!

Then we stopped by one of our favorite coffee shops (Cafe Milano) on the way home for a snack. Odd to be in a coffee shop on Thanksgiving, but in Reno it’s all good. Nice snack and then a desert called the “Brownie Train Wreck” ..and oh boy was it ever!!

We have a lot to be thankful for, and we reflected today. On Saturday we’ll do a traditional Thanksgiving.


A nice snowstorm last night and that prompted school to be delayed for two hours. That opened up the door to some snow-fun! First snow of the winter, and Zoey’s first snow ever! -Grace showed us all how it’s done!


V I D E O :

Grace recites a prayer

Religious education class and great timing to recite a prayer as Grandma Jo and Grandpa Phil were visiting.
Grace good friend McCalla is in her religion class, and also in her first grade class at Van Gorder Elementary. …They were hamming it up for the camera before class.

After the recital Grace shared a few words with her priest ..who commented that she sleeps like an angel -obviously a comment from a few days ago when Grace fell asleep in Church.



Mrs. Axley Field Trip

Mrs. Axley class took at trip to the pumpkin patch. GREAT FUN. GraceDad stopped by for a few minutes and took a few snapshots.
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V I D E O:

iPhone Dump …Misc Pictures from Kathy’s iPhone

Occassionally (not often enough) we take all the pics inside Kathy’s phone and post them here. Good+Bad and more. We stamped the date they were taken, however there could be some errors in the dates. Aprox Span is 4/2013 thru 1/2015
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And here is another album: Aprox Span is 4/2013 thru 1/2015
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This video is a wild collage of Kathy’s iPhone videos from aprox 04/2013 thru 09/2015