Virginia City, Camels and Cemetery

All week we had the Camel Races in Virginia City penciled in on our list of things to do. Grace really wanted to go. Grace recently has had a huge fascination with cemeteries -probably from watching Scooby-Doo. She’s been asking Dad to take her to a cemetery. Well, Veriginia City is a good place to loiter in cemeteries so we did more of that than we did the camel races. Grace has a very very very wild imagination and would tell stories of each tombstone. It was a site to see.

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Duck Races ….and such

A decent night’s sleep and then french toast again. Then downtown to the Duck Race festivities. We wanted to get there early to avoid the crowds and heat, even though that would mean missing the actual race.
Good fun with nice activities. Grace got a LOT of attention because she’s so polite and because we beat the masses of people. Saw SPCA volunteer Anne Simone who spotted Grace! Also a lot of people in town making their way to Burning Man. Grace has had a lot of invitations from groups heading to the playa.

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Are you kidding me????

Grace and dad went out to dinner. No question grace was going to get a hamburger as that is what she always gets at this restaurant. But when it was time to order Grace blurted out: “Teddy Bear Pancake!”. Our waitress knodded and the deal was sealed. Crazy kid!! …And when the pancake arrived, Grace went right for the bacon.

Safety Day At Discovery Museum & More

Mom is still in SF, another great day with Dad. First wonderful french toast, then down to the Discovery Museum where they were having “Safety Day” Great stuff and Grace even got digital fingerprints done, digital picture, a dental imprint + more and they gave me a fancy identification certificate etc. Also got to see some fancy police and fire stuff. Oh and Grace had a nice 1-1 conversation with the fire chief and I told him that fires on the OR coast are OK.

Then over to the Nevada Museum Of Art, …then caught a city bus (Grace’s new-found fun thing to do) and we jumped out when we saw a puppy store. Now I’m taking a nap, we’ll see what the night brings!

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