Disney Dinner

Our first night in town, we decided not to go into Disneyland proper but rather check out a few things. Our goal was to get rested-up for the coming days. This turned out to be “Main Street Disney” and then an Italian dinner.

Our dinner place was suggested by Grace’s SoCA friend: Lisa L.
Dining here was on our “list”, just like too many other things -and we weren’t sure it would work out. Turns out it was in the same parking lot as our hotel and we opted out of Mainstreet Disney early, that combo made it the perfect dinner destination.

Buca Di Beppo is the name of it. A very popular place and they have one table “IN” the kitchen. This unique table is quite a novelty and apparently very sought after. Well, when they saw Grace walk in, -they took us straight to the VIP table in the kitchen! We were in the mix of all ‘the behind the scenes doings’!! Quite interesting and fun! The chef even brought Grace pizza dough to play with. And Grace got temporary leniency on table-manners from Dad and Mom (as you’ll see)………

These videos of our meal IN the kitchen are fun, be sure to check them out: