Run and Brunch

Grace went down to Fizio this morning. The great folks from Desert Sky Adventures were putting on a run and brunch. We didn’t know what to expect, but figured how could we go wrong heading to downtown Reno on a nice brisk day! Even though most of yesterday’s snow was gone, we could still have fun outside.
We got there just as the informal event instructions were happening. Many runners were doing 11 miles, but you could turn around anytime if you wanted less miles and of course you could set your own pace.
Without question, the highlight of the morning was meeting Kym from Desert Sky Adventures. She was an event coordinator and walked/ran with Grace and was delightful in all ways. Together they went FOUR miles. Their MPH pace was not overly impressive, but their WPM from constant dialogue and giggling was for the record books.
Grace and the Austin clan are very eager to reciprocate Kym’s kindness and we’ve signed up for “The Biggest Little Half Marathon” the weeks ahead Grace will be training for 5K at this event. That will be her 3rd competitive 5K. Dad raised his hand to volunteer.

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After the run we played at a downtown park with Zoey.

Fun Skate Party!

Great fun with “the twins” 8th birthday skate party followed with some loitering downtown Reno with Zoey.
Big thanks to “Trevor’s mom” for dissin’ her own child to share fun with Grace 🙂

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V I D E O:

Patriotic Performance

Van Gorder 2nd Grade did a fantastic job with this performance. Brilliant job by all.

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