A great day!!

When we landed we put on our fancy Disney bracelets they directed us to the appropriate Disney Express bus. We didn’t have to bother to get our luggage.
Then direct to our hotel where we went straight to our room without having to check in. …again the magic bracelets opened the door.
One minute later we were on our way to the boat that took is to Dow town Disney. We checked out great sites and had a long dinner.
We were all tired and tomorrow is a big day so back to the hotel room where our luggage had been delivered. Now chilling, laughing and preparing for tomorrow …All while wearing our matching PJs
Oh, dad won the family dance contest.

Disney World Trip 2018!

Saturday morning we are all off to Disney World!!  Big kudos to Kathy for putting this vacation together about 8 months ago …and working on hundreds of details since then.   

Please follow along here on Grace’s blog as we share our fun.   We have a special category “Disney World 2018” and we’ll place a link on the menu bar for easy navigation.

Grace Choir at Renown!

V I D E O:

Grace’s Sierra Nevada Children’s Choir performing at Renown Regional Medical Center. GREAT JOB GRACE!! We’re proud of you!

Thanksgiving first post

Grace and dad (and Winter) up early. First stop Wobble till you Gobble run in town town Reno. A yearly tradition. Then stopped by Our Lady Of Sorrow to see PaPa. Then our first feast of the day at Bonanza Casino (very tasty!) Likely more feasts at various places to folliow.