New Kayak!

What a nice gift! A co-worker of Kathy’s (Edi) gave grace this childrens’ kayak. Grace loves it! and Grace can’t wait to use it! …No doubt some fun times with it this summer.

Zoey and Grace work on training

We’ve been working with a professional trainer.
Our whole family: Zoey, Grace, Mom and Dad meet with the trainer once a week. We’ve had two sessions so far, six more to go.
After each lesson we all work and practice (on top of all our other chores and responsibilities). But we’re making good progress. Main goals are for Grace and Zoey to have a great relationship, and for a well-mannered mutt. Super thrilled with our trainer, more on her later!
Next training is tomorrow, tonight: Grace and Zoey worked on some things in our neighborhood park …here is a snapshot:
V I D E O:

Before School Program

Grace is on a mission. …To be the first one to “Before School Care” on the days that she goes.  
Today she was up before 6am ….coaching dad on how to get out of the house early. ….Uhhh, Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?  
Arrived before they opened. Grace proud of being there early …as we helped the counselors set up.
Grace, you ain’t right, but you’re alright.

Fantastic Report Card

Today reports cards were released, for 3rd quarter. We’re all so proud of Grace, she’s doing GREAT!
and she has not missed a single day of school so far this year!! Amazing. Aprox 125’ish straight days so far. If she can make it the whole year without missing a day, there is going to be a big celebration.

Congratulations Grace Moore Austin, you are Awesome!! We love you and are so proud of you!

2016.04.08 Report Card Q3 FirtGrade
2016.04.08 Report Card Q3 FirtGrade