Playing at park

Zoey got a good workout in the park tonight.   Grace and Dad go to opposite ends and call Zoey back and forth.  Zoey learns to “come”, gets treats and attention exercise.

Zoey M.S. Dixie Austin

Here are some spec’s on the new member of the family:
First Name: Zoey
Middle Name: M.S. Dixie
Last Name: Austin
Gender: Female
Age: 9weeks
Disposition: Excellent
Breed: Goldendoodle
Owner and name-giver: Grace

What a well behaved puppy so far!! And Grace and the puppy have been spending great time together.
The puppy is a big step for our family, but we all think it’s going to be great.
Today Grace’s friend “Lolly” came over and that was great fun!!
**Please click on image below to see many pics of our new family member.

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New puppy!!

Tonight we drove to Auburn CA to meet the breeders of our new puppy. What fun it was to pick up Grace’s new puppy. Below Grace with the lady who we got the puppy from!