Baby Shower

Kris, Rose and Barbara put on a great baby shower. It was here at the house, but the trio did all the work including great food and fun.  Both Grandmas were here and the all-girls party was wonderful.

Too many nice presents -including a Coach diaper bag, (uh, from Grandma Rose no doubt) nice strollers, car seats, hand knitted outfits, booties from Italy and many many useful presents.

Barbara was nice enough to take some video and some of the baby shower can be seen in the video below:

We’ve got a bunch of pictures to go through, and when we, do we’ll add them to this post!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful baby shower. You are all too generous.

Breast Feeding Class

Last night was our “Breast Feeding Class”

It was kind of interesting and we learned a few things. Most of the stuff we either kind of knew or seems to be common sense -but the class was definitely worth while. It kinda helped with the reality that in a few weeks there’s going to be a new person on the outside of the tummy. That reality is kinda weird.

We expected to be the oldest people in the class, but there were other old people there! That was nice 🙂

The class was down at Renown South Meadows and the instructor was good. Amazing that breast feeding is like a specialized field -with specialists who coach etc etc. Who would have thought?

About half of the class time? was spent watching videos, the other half on lecture and questions/answers. People take this subject very seriously, there were a lot of questions!  Most of them from the men!  (maybe they’re just more curious?)

Breast Feeding Class
Breast Feeding Class

After the class we celebrated with Baskin Robbins -and caught it on 2-for-1 night so that was a double treat!

Baby Shower Announced

Grandma Rose, Kris G and Barb are wonderful enough to be doing the baby shower. !!Thanks Everybody!!

Invitations were mailed out last week.

Date:? Saturday January 17th 2009

Place:? The new house