Bike ride

Bike ride to Golden Eagle Park.  Grace’s bike computer says 2.59 miles so far and a top speed of 14.2 MPH.   Last time we came here we got kicked out for having Zoey with us.  This time told no bikes.  LOL.  With no dogs or bikes allowed we won’t be making this our destination in the future.

Post Championship Celebration -Grace Style

It was late when we got out of the Wolfpack game and we had a long discussion in the car on where to go to eat. Grace knows all the good spots, and isn’t just known in the gourmet steak houses in town, she’s known everywhere including the truck stops! Here we are at WV coffee shop …sitting at the counter of course! Grace had Tri-tip with gravy, mushrooms, baked potato, corn, bread and of course finished it all off with ice cream. nearly 11pm by the time we finished up!! OH MY, what a way to celebrate a Wolfpack win!




CBI Championship Game

Championship game against Moorehead state at UNR! Wow this game was something! Nevada won in overtime by 3 points. Tied after regulation at 75.
…and we lucked into some GREAT seats (long story) …uhh, and they happened to be within arms length of our friends Mr. and Mrs Cerocke!! what fun!!
Congratulations Nevada Wolf Pack!!

Start Of Overtime





Well, time to fill a little cavity, we’ve been working hard to avoid cavities but a tiny one snuck in. Here Grace gets the laughing gas…..
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