Kids University at UNR

Grace made the good choice to sign up for another course at Kids University. We’re glad she did, it should be great. Grace’s course this week: “Fundamentals of Acting”

Arriving at UNR this morning:

New Hair

Went to hair appointment at Hair Mania II (Dad’s hair place). But first stopped by “Unbeweavable” beauty supply for some blue hair.
Goal was to get hair clean from the 2+ weeks of braids from Oakland, then trim as necessary and do a new hair style to Grace’s specifications.
They did a great job, and said only a few rodents, 2 birds and one skunk ran out of Grace’s hair when they washed three times. All were surprised how long Grace wanted the blue hair …but all agreed it’s her hair.

Here are the pictures:

Grace UNR Summer Class Talent Show

Grace is enrolled in summer classes at University Nevada Reno. She’s taking classes on Egypt but there are also extra-curricular activities.

Earlier this week she auditioned for a talent show, with no preparation (we had no idea there was a talent show). She jumped in and sang “Home is Nevada”

!!She made the final cut!! ..beating out many who auditioned.

Here is her great performance at the talent show today: