Two Of A Kind

The Grace-Zoey relationship is as unique as Grace and Zoey. It ain’t right, but it’s alright. Grace was in a particularly silly mood tonight when we made these videos, and Zoey decided she wanted to hear the word “sit” three times before considering taking action.  
Nevertheless, these two somehow make it all work …and in spite of each other, are truly best friends.
V I D E O:

New bike

More details later but a reward for some great accomplishments. Specialized HotRock will be joining the Gary Fisher mtn bike in the stable.

Zoey and Grace work on training

We’ve been working with a professional trainer.
Our whole family: Zoey, Grace, Mom and Dad meet with the trainer once a week. We’ve had two sessions so far, six more to go.
After each lesson we all work and practice (on top of all our other chores and responsibilities). But we’re making good progress. Main goals are for Grace and Zoey to have a great relationship, and for a well-mannered mutt. Super thrilled with our trainer, more on her later!
Next training is tomorrow, tonight: Grace and Zoey worked on some things in our neighborhood park …here is a snapshot:
V I D E O:

Grace & Rylie Do Reno!


Grace & Rylie spent a fun and active day. The events went like this:
* Late breakfast at Hash House A-Go-Go
* Climbing and fun at Whitney Peak
* Fun and show at the Planetarium at UNR
* Zoey play and fun at San Rafael Park
* Dinner at Famous Dave’s
* Fancy Dessert at Cheesecake Factory.
* Last stop: Made sure the sign that Grace and Rylie put up is still there.

A great day …too many pictures can be found by clicking here:

Click on image to view many snapshots of the day.
Click on album image to view many snapshots of the day.

For Higher Quality Pics, Download Zip File: Click Here (aprox 172MB)

Law Enforcement Encounter

Beautiful day for a bike ride and a dog walk.  So Grace headed out on her bike and dad and Zoey on foot.
 …Destination. Raley’s deli for lunch.

When we walked out with our food …near the entrance where bicycle and Zoey were parked …there was a police car and an officer inside it giving us the steady but polite observation. He than exited the car and approached.  

He said someone had called police HQ that a young girl wearing purple on a purple bike was riding like the wind without parental supervision.

  No doubt that concerned citizen saw Grace when she was taking advantage of the Vista Blvd downhill and got maybe 100 yards ahead of dad and Zoey.  

The officer was nice and made Grace’s first LEO experience a positive one.

Likely won’t happen again on the way home …..uhhh because home is uphill!

THANKS SPARKS PD for the concern and great attitude.