4th July San Francisco Bay Area

What a trip! Arrived Friday PM in Oakland, our favorite waterfront hotel. Nice evening swim, then out for BBQ dinner, then ice cream. Ooops, forgot to mention Cha Cha lessons.
Saturday: Ferry into San Francisco, lots of walking, good fun, great sites and food (great Italian dinner North Beach). Then, back to Oakland, quick stop by our hotel then BART to Oakland A’s game (extra innings!) + Fireworks! We arrived back to Hotel at 1:00am!
Sunday: Back into SF for the CA science museum etc etc, ..all day long! then Golden Gate Park plus sight-seeing. Eventually back to Oakland for an awesome dinner.
Monday (July 4th) Bagels in Oakland, then to Piedmont (east Oakland) to meet the White family and the great Piedmont 4th July parade (Yes Mr+Mrs White were in the parade!) we watched it with our friend Claire White. Great small town fun and festivities!

Eventually headed east -early dinner in downtown Sacramento then back to Reno USA! Wow, what a weekend!

Below are 279 pictures and a video collage!
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Click Image To View Album Of All Pictures.

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Vacation CA Coast

What a great time! Grace and Kathy left on Father’s Day morning to meet Kris, Mike and their parents in Morrow Bay CA ..rented beach house. Too much fun. One day took a trip to Hearst Castle.
A L B U M:

FirstDay – LastDay

Mrs Axley sent this home today. Picture of first day of school, and last day of school. What a year it’s been.
Big thanks to Mrs. Axley and more soon on this amazing year!!

Perfect Attendance

Grace was awarded this certificate from principal Brant. More to come later but CONGRATULATIONS GRACE, we’re so proud of you.

Perfect Attendance Certificate
Perfect Attendance Certificate

Fantastic Report Card

Today reports cards were released, for 3rd quarter. We’re all so proud of Grace, she’s doing GREAT!
and she has not missed a single day of school so far this year!! Amazing. Aprox 125’ish straight days so far. If she can make it the whole year without missing a day, there is going to be a big celebration.

Congratulations Grace Moore Austin, you are Awesome!! We love you and are so proud of you!

2016.04.08 Report Card Q3 FirtGrade
2016.04.08 Report Card Q3 FirtGrade

Ding ding ding

Grace rings the bell at swimming lessons tonight.  = advance 1 level!!.   Great job Grace, we’re all so proud!
V I D E O:
Grace ringing the bell with the swim manager.
…and after ringing the bell, Grace was allowed to do any swim style she wanted ….uhhh, and she made up her own …and a very peculiar one at that!

Grace & Rylie Do Reno!


Grace & Rylie spent a fun and active day. The events went like this:
* Late breakfast at Hash House A-Go-Go
* Climbing and fun at Whitney Peak
* Fun and show at the Planetarium at UNR
* Zoey play and fun at San Rafael Park
* Dinner at Famous Dave’s
* Fancy Dessert at Cheesecake Factory.
* Last stop: Made sure the sign that Grace and Rylie put up is still there.

A great day …too many pictures can be found by clicking here:

Click on image to view many snapshots of the day.
Click on album image to view many snapshots of the day.

For Higher Quality Pics, Download Zip File: Click Here (aprox 172MB)

Law Enforcement Encounter

Beautiful day for a bike ride and a dog walk.  So Grace headed out on her bike and dad and Zoey on foot.
 …Destination. Raley’s deli for lunch.

When we walked out with our food …near the entrance where bicycle and Zoey were parked …there was a police car and an officer inside it giving us the steady but polite observation. He than exited the car and approached.  

He said someone had called police HQ that a young girl wearing purple on a purple bike was riding like the wind without parental supervision.

  No doubt that concerned citizen saw Grace when she was taking advantage of the Vista Blvd downhill and got maybe 100 yards ahead of dad and Zoey.  

The officer was nice and made Grace’s first LEO experience a positive one.

Likely won’t happen again on the way home …..uhhh because home is uphill!

THANKS SPARKS PD for the concern and great attitude.