Trip To Wal-Mart & Park Fun

A few days ago Dad and Grace made a Wal-Mart run to get ingredients for a GIANT batch of Rice Crispie Treats.  Wal-Mart is a favorite of Grace’s due to the wonderful people-watching experience.    We still have not made the treat’s but we’ve got the stuff for when we do!

Yesterday we all went to the park and Mom and Dad attempted to keep up with Grace:

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…Feeling a little better and busy busy busy

Grace seems to be feeling better.  She still has a runny nose and the cough is still lingering.   But, it sure isn’t slowing her down!  She’s as busy as ever!

In the pictures you can see the runny nose and the battle scars from a chili con carne dinner.   (Grace loves vibrant food)

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Grace Is Still Not Feeling Well

We stayed close to home today. Snacked and watched football was the main theme.

Grace is coughing more and her nose is running more. She made her self throw-up twice this evening because she was coughing so hard.

So we took a bath to try to feel better and then some new PJ’s. She’s a great sport and is always trying to smile, but you can see in her eyes and runny nose that she just does not feel well.

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Saturday Trip To The Doctor

Grace has been fighting a cough for the last week and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.   So we decided to take her to the doctor in case it might turn into something more.  So Dad and Grace made an appointment with Dr. Bertz who is not Grace’s regular doctor but was on Saturday rotation with a group of doctors.

The doctor said that nothing serious going on but Grace needs some TLC, rest and some good hugs.

Grace was quite the good girl through the whole thing and was even wiping her runny nose on her own with a tissue.

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New Header Image

Kimberly did a very nice image for the top of Grace’s website.  She gave us a few ideas and we chose the a Nevada landscape theme -Then Kim made some nice enhancements to her original theme.   We really like it!

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Kim is a graphic design student here in Reno  website -keep her in mind if you need any design work done.    Thanks much Kim!

Oh, and how many Nevada-centric things can you identify in the image?

A beautiful gift from Maura

Grace’s Canadian friend Maura sent Grace a BEAUTIFUL book.    No one knew it was coming, it just showed up in the mailbox.   We’ll be going through this book many times as it is very special.  THANK YOU Maura!!

Click Image To See More Pictures. Grace opened up the package and we looked at the book. Later pajamas and reading time! Thanks Maura!

Wristwatch, Dinner w/Dad and a lot of fork.

Grace has shown a lot of interest in Dad and Mom’s wristwatches, –so today mom got Grace a watch.  We punched a hole in the band -as well as trimmed the band so it would fit Grace.    She insisted on wearing it to dinner out with Dad.  It’s kind of funny as she has no concept of time or what a watch is for …but she sure enjoys wearing one nonetheless.

Once at dinner, Grace insisted on eating all of her food, including french fries -with a fork!

Grace is one funny girl.

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New Header Image For The Blog Is In The Works!

A few months ago we spiffed up the blog’s theme as it was pretty dated both in looks and function ….and Dad attempted a header image that was mediocre at best.  So, a couple of weeks ago, dad decided to get some help with a new header image for the blog.

Via Grace’s art instructor at the Reno Museum Of Art, -we were referred to a young lady in Reno who is a graphic art student.    We asked her to come up with a new header for Grace’s blog …but we weren’t exactly fair –uhhh, as we didn’t really give her much input!

Nevertheless, she was a great sport and threw three ideas by us:

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Wow, what fun and what a hard choices.    After some thought we’ve chosen one of these themes and Kim will move forward along that particular theme for a new header image.

Nope, we’re not going to tell you which one we picked, but sometime soon you’ll find out and we’ll also tell you more about Kim –in case you need any design work done!

Playing In The Park …..and Don Simone

Today was a beautiful and very warm January day ….so Grace and Dad decided to play and check out a new park.   And, why not call Don Simone and see if he wanted to have lunch and play too?   Don is the best guy ever and joined us for lunch and some time in the park, it was good fun for all.

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In addition to the pictures above, we also did a simple Time-Lapse video of a section of the park while we were there.   A few times you can catch a glimpse of Grace, Don and Dad, click below image to watch video: