Yet another A+ Doctor visit -and fun too!

Time for another routine appointment and Grace was ready. Time to get immunization shots as well, never fun but Grace was Brave. ? Mom and Dad were very anxious to see how much weight Grace had gained …and we were not disappointed. Now 12-Lbs 1-Oz …so our little peanut is growing up.

Grace loves Dr. Columbo and the flirting on this day was up to the norm. We had a long wait in the exam room ..which gave us time for lots of pictures …some of them silly so be sure to check them out on the link below.

Grace getting weighed -Now twelve LBS and one OZ!!

Video of Dr. Columbo and Grace:

~~And here(CLICKY) more pictures~~

Evening with dad

Grace was a bit tired from the holiday weeekend …but we had a nice evening walk with the wind pushing her stroller -then back home to a new bedtime regime!

Video Of The Evening:

First Night In Her Own Room

Last night grace had a major milestone. No more sleeping in the little crib in mom and dad’s room. Instead, now in the big crib in her own room.

The first night went very well, Grace slept great, in fact slept through the night and well into the next morning! Here she is when mom came to welcome her to a new day! (video below)

Grace Takes Her First Road-Trip ~Visit Grandma Jo & Grandpa Phil In Oregon~

On the weekend of her 3month birthday, Grace would take her first road trip. We’d be going to see Grandma Jo and Grandpa Phil in Oregon.

Grace all bundled up and ready for her first big road-trip
Grace all bundled up and ready for her first big road-trip
Spending Nice Time With Grandma Jo
Spending Nice Time With Grandma Jo
A fun stop at Burney Falls on the way home
A fun stop at Burney Falls on the way home

This is a video of some of the fun.

More Pictures Can Be Seen Here(Clicky)

Meanwhile, -Dad and Mom went off exploring some great sites while Grace stayed with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Phil

Pictures and Video of Mom and Dad’s Adventure Can Be Seen Here(Clicky)

Conversation With Dad

Grace is starting to ‘coo’ more and more ….and it is good fun when she does.  These coo’s are almost always accompanied with smiles.   It is hard to catch these coo’s and smiles on camera because she typically gets so curious about the camera that everything else stops.

She’s most active with the ‘coo-ing’ when she first wakes up in the morning, or after a good nap. Beacuase she’s not much of a napper, the latter is rare …but this video captures some of the best that we’ve been able to catch on camera. Not bad, next week Grace will be 3months old!