Grace’s First Illness -Rotavirus and a trip to the doctor

Well after 6months of stellar health, without hardly a sneeze:? Grace got a virus that was causing discomfort plus vomiting and diarrhea. Surely no fun for anyone, and for a tiny, little girl who didn’t know what was going on -it was very tough for her parents to witness.

Eventually dad took Grace to the doctor, her first time to see Dr. Columbo for other than a routine check up. ? Grace has a big “crush” on Dr. Columbo so we made sure she looked her best, even though she was not feeling her best.

The diagnosis was Rotavirus and we are switching formula, and have some help for the vomiting. But really this virus just needs to run it’s course so we’ll be keeping Grace as comfortable as possible and doing all necessary to keep her from getting dehydrated.

Grace and her "boyfriend":  Dr. Columbo
Grace and her "boyfriend": Dr. Columbo

More Pics of the Doctor apportionment HERE(CLICKY)

Swimming Fun!!!

Today Grace and Mom went to Kris’ house to enjoy the pool. Well, Grace certainly took a liking to the water and here is a very fun video of Grace and Barbara sharing water fun! GREAT to see Grace enjoying the water so much.


A very special gift from Utah

Grace has been blessed with some very nice things. Since before she was born, people have been so very thoughtful and generous.

Well, today we got another dose of this ….when a package from Utah arrived:

This is absolutely beautiful beyond words, -as well as unique. A solid piece of polished marble with Grace’s picture laser-etched. It is stunning!

Beautiful Gift From Utah .....One Thousand and Eighty-Eight  thanks from Grace and her parents
Beautiful Gift From Utah .....One Thousand and Eighty-Eight thanks from Grace and her parents

We’re really not sure how it’s done, kind of like old artisan skills combined with modern technology.

It has caused a fight in the household: Grace wants it in her room, Mom wants it in the den or kitchen and Dad believes it belongs on the wet-bar …..seems most fitting considering the source of this gift.

Please join us in sending one-thousand-and-eighty-eight thanks toward Utah for this very nice gift

~~More Pictures of this laser-etched marble HERE(CLICKY)~~

Carrots! (yummy )

Yep another “eating” post. Pretty much the big excitement around here lately.

This time carrots -first time for any solid food other than rice cereal. Grace is getting great at eating, but we’re not sure if carrots will be her favorite. The most fun of this video is watching her un-enthusiastic facial expressions.  She makes us laugh all the time.